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" Larry has taken the time in many occasions with my clients to go above and beyond  "normal duties" as a inspector.  He goes out of his way to explain a report to a Buyer and make them feel comfortable with areas of concern.

Purchasing a home can be a scary thing for people. Home inspection reports can be even more frightening at times. Larry does a good job breaking down each inspection to really narrow down the actual items that could affect the buyer after moving into the home.

I would recommend Larry to any buyer.  He is very thorough and truly has years of experience and knowledge to draw off of."

Scott Lander
Keller Williams Realty



Mr. Vance,

Here is the testimonial I promised you.

Thank you for your prompt and professional service.


Jim Jacoban

Purchasing a house offers a challenge, as there are sometimes home issues that are not necessarily known by the seller. Our agent highly recommended we have a home inspection performed. The property did not seem to warrant an inspection, still we decided to go ahead with her advice. Our agent sent us the names of a few inspectors and we looked online for others. We chose Larry Vance of Advanced Home Inspections from her recommendation list. We chose well. Firstly, he was very professional. Secondly, he was very pleasant to work with.

Expectations were, we call someone, and the inspector tells us the price and then does the inspection. Mr. Vance was quick to explain the requirements and all the multitude of items he inspects. He asked me a few questions and after we talked he faxed me a document to sign so he could proceed. The next day he performed the inspection. I knew the price going in and exactly what to expect. Still the report I received was well written and provided an explanation for the items he found as defective or needing attention. The report summarized each concern. He included pictures for items as a further clarification when needed. His inspection report provided us the opportunity to discuss listed items with the seller’s broker and our agent. I am quite pleased with the results of our home inspection and without hesitation, recommend him to others.

Here's a testimonial for you.
We have the utmost respect for Larry's inspection services. Larry provides a thorough home inspection and a quick turn around for the inspection report. We highly recommend Advanced Home Inspections!

Steve and Terry Commeau

Larry saved us from buying a home that could have been big trouble for us. He is the only home inspector we will use or recommend. Larry is thorough, professional, polite, cleans up after himself, and every time he has done an inspection for us we have had a very detailed, easy to read report of his findings within 24 hours of his inspection. Don’t even consider buying a property unless you have Larry inspect it first!

Kit and Joey Smiley, Kingman

I have known Larry personally for more than 12 years.  He is highly ethical, responsible and applies great attention to detail in everything he does.  He has performed dozens of inspections for my clients and they are always pleased with his thorough report information as well as being available to discuss individual items in the report.  I would highly recommend his service to Realtors who are interested in representing the best interest of their client.

Judy Roe
Keller Williams Arizona Living Realty
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Mr. Vance,

My wife and I are very thankful for the thorough inspection of the house today and for your patience in answering all of our questions and then some.  We look forward to receiving your final report and using it to improve our home.

Thanks again,